Thread: Seismology/Geomagnetism Postdoc Fellowships at Peking University

Started: 2021-10-27 09:28:23
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Institution: Peking University
Open Until: 2022-03-15

We are inviting applications for the Boya Postdoctoral Fellowships at the School of Earth and Space Sciences (SESS) at Peking University. Applicants with an interest in seismology, and rock magnetism, and machine learning are particularly encouraged to apply.

The fellowship is for a period of 2 years and includes a salary that commensurate with experience (200,000-400,000 RMB/year or annual 27,000-54,000 Euros or US$31,000-63,000) and a generous research allowance, plus free accommodation (1 bedroom apartment) or a generous housing subsidy, plus medical and social insurance, which allows a high standard of living in Beijing. After completion of the fellowship, suitable postdocs may have the opportunity to transition into a senior researcher position.

Applicants below the age of 35 who obtained their PhDs within the last 3 years are eligible to apply. The positions remain open until filled.

While the fellowship is a personal fellowship to the candidate and therefore allows to follow own research interests, we are particularly keen to hearing from applicants interested in contributing to one of the following projects:

Seismology and Earthquake Studies: We are particularly interested in the following topics. (1) Studies of Earth’s deep interior, primarily with seismological methods. (2) Imaging of lithosphere and upper mantle, especially with full waveforms. (3) Seismic signal processing with machine learning and earthquake processes.

Magnetic recording of planetary dynamos: Paleomagnetic studies of meteorites and extremely old terrestrial materials that recorded the evolution of planetary dynamos are a very active field of research, often using advanced micro- or nano-scale paleomagnetic techniques. However, these often contain magnetic minerals/structures with poorly understood magnetic recording behaviour. Interested postdocs could be working on theoretical or numerical models of these materials.

Please contact Ms. Diana Wu at lywu<at> for general information and to submit preliminary application materials including a CV and a short statement of research interests. For discussion of research projects, contact Prof. Xiaodong Song (xdsong<at> or Prof. Thomas Berndt (thomasberndt<at>

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