Thread: 3ECEES session S01. "Old seismograms / new knowledge: Preservation and use of legacy seismograms” - Call for abstracts

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the session:

S01. "Old seismograms / new knowledge: Preservation and use of legacy seismograms” - SSA-ESC joint session (
to be held during the 3ECEES (, September 4-9, 2022, in Bucharest, Romania.

The session is linked to the activities of the ESC Working Group "02-12 Methods and data for the Study of Earthquakes Recorded on Pre-WWSSN Seismograms"; but we welcome the participation of interested researchers and groups from all over the world.

The session accepts both oral and poster contributions for which abstracts should be submitted by March 20, 2022. For your convenience, the scope of the session is described below.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Bucharest.

Josep Batlló
Lorraine J. Hwang
Raphael De Plaen
Allison Bent


The Euro-Mediterranean region is rich in old seismograms predating digital times. These legacy seismograms were recorded on various supports that are not easily discovered and accessed. Nevertheless, analyses using modern methods could help extract the extremely valuable information those records still contain and generate important contributions to understanding and mitigating threats from both natural and anthropogenic hazards. Potential discoveries include past earthquakes and seismic signatures of other natural processes (slow-slip events, storm surges, tectonic tremors, acoustic phases, landslides, icequakes, avalanches…) but also extracting information on interactions between Earth’s systems.

In the last years, several initiatives were dedicated to the preservation of legacy seismograms, and analysis of data they contain, leading to continuing progress in how such records can be used.
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