Thread: Energy Technologies and CO2 Monitoring Working Group Virtual Meeting (4/22/22)

Started: 2022-04-20 10:36:54
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Dear DAS RCN participants,

Energy Technologies and CO2 Monitoring working group will restart its
activity this Friday (4/22/22) at 11 am Mountain Time (MST). The primary
group focus is on DAS applications for CO2 sequestration monitoring and the
adoption of fiber-optic sensing oil & gas technologies for geothermal.

11:00 am -- 11:15 am MST - Working group updates and plans for this year
11:15 am -- 11:45 am MST - Dr. Marie Macquet will present "Overview of the
CMC Field Research Station, focus on DAS possibilities for CO2 storage
11:45 am -- 12:00 pm MST - Q&A and open discussion

If you are interested in joining this event, our group activity, or just
learning more about the group, please get in touch with one of the group
Aleksei Titov -- aleksei.titov<at>
Marie Macquet -- marie.macquet<at>

Best Regards,

Aleksei Titov, Ph.D.
*Fervo Energy*

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