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DAS SIG REPORT 6/18/2022
Visioning a DAS Facility to Advance SAGE-GAGE Science
June 15, 2022, 10:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
2022 SAGE-GAGE Workshop in Pittsburgh, PA

Description: Rapid growth of DAS applications in geoscience makes it likely that SAGE-GAGE
researchers will increasingly employ DAS in projects. DAS technology, optical fiber availability,
data management, and data analysis are also changing at a high rate. How might a DAS facility
within SAGE-GAGE be designed to promote science initiatives?

DIG Goals: Workshop participants as future users of a DAS facility will provide community input
in the form of a short report.

The turnout was modestly strong with an estimated 40-50 participants. The session moderators
were Herb Wang (U. of Wisconsin-Madison), Nate Lindsey (FiberSense), Ved Lekic (U.
Maryland), and Kent Anderson (IRIS). The audience participation was, however, less than
hoped. Based on a show-of-hands, it appears as if a relatively small percentage of attendees at
the Workshop were DAS adopters. This perhaps can be a bias that attendees are drawn to the
meeting because they are consumers of core SAGE-GAGE facilities, which does not include DAS.
In any event, the session consisted primarily of moderators providing information partially
guided by questions from the audience. The remainder of the report consists of four summaries
that chronologically record the prepared presentations and ensuing discussions. The first is my
summary followed by notes from Kent Anderson (IRIS), and Karianne Bergen (Brown), and
Xiaowei Chen (OU/Texas A&M. Many thinks to the volunteer rapporteurs whose notes overlap
in ways that illuminate the sense of the discussion.

Detailed notes follow at

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