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Started: 2022-07-12 08:15:23
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Quentin Brissaud
2022-07-12 08:15:23
Dear Colleagues,

Are you coming to the AGU 2022 fall meeting? Consider submitting an abstract to our session: P029 Seismo-acoustics: a planet’s dialog from the ground to the edge of space. We invite seismic and acoustic contributions investigating observational datasets, instrumentation, machine learning, and numerical modeling! The AGU meeting will take place in Chicago and online on December 12-16. Find more information below. Don't hesitate to reach out to any of the conveners if you have questions.

Waves propagating within a planet, its ocean, and its atmosphere enable the investigation of sources and propagation media based on a variety of observational means such as seismic sensors, microbarometers, and Global Navigation Satellite Systems. Constraining relationships between source, propagation medium, and waveform characteristics is key to fully leverage multi-technology datasets for source parameter retrieval, atmospheric wind and temperature probing, and subsurface tomography. Furthermore, the investigation of seismo-acoustic couplings is a valuable extension to the disjoint studies of the acoustic and seismic wavefields: for instance, ground compliance enables the detection and localisation of acoustic sources through seismic measurements, and earthquakes can be remotely sensed via seismically-induced infrasound. Finally, the analysis of seismo-acoustic datasets using modern statistical techniques, such as machine learning, can provide unique insight into the physics of coupled media. In this session, we invite contributions analyzing seismo-acoustic datasets from the Earth and beyond. We also encourage submissions exploring synthetic or observational infrasound datasets that are well suited for future seismo-acoustic data fusion.

Quentin Brissaud – NORSAR
Sarah Albert – Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
Léo Martire – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA JPL)
Sven Peter Näsholm – University of Oslo (UiO)

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