Thread: Global earthquake monitoring campaign with DAS

Started: 2022-07-14 16:05:51
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Andreas Wuestefeld
2022-07-14 16:05:51
The IRIS DAS RCN is coordinating a global measurement campaign of fibre systems.

We envision a campaign where multiple DAS systems are recording at the same time in different regions of the globe for a certain time, such that we can look at teleseismic EQs. That way we could find out how a global monitoring system based on DAS should look like. We hope that there are a few interesting global EQs during that period, and each participant can upload triggered data window to a central storage location. This would thus also help to identify bottle-necks in data format, storage, and legal issues. Scientifically, this dataset should also allow for very interesting research!

The campaign is planned from 01.Feb - 28.Feb 2023 and shall contain DAS systems of triggered data from teleseismic events (>M5, USGS catalogue). We are looking for contributions from academia and industry (downhole, pipeline, ...)


What: Global EQ DAS data campaign

When: 01.Feb - 28Feb 2023.

Legal: CreativeCommons (to be confirmed)

Data: 100Hz strain(rate) data,

spatial sampling ~20m,

cable (channel) coordinates in Lat/Long,

1 hour per event (3600sec)

If you are interested in contributing to this effort, please contact me at andreas.wuestefeld<at><andreas.wuestefeld<at>>

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