Thread: AGU 2022 DI006 - Heterogeneity in the Earth’s Mantle: Perspectives from Imaging, Modeling, Geochemistry, and Experiments

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to bring to your attention the following session at the next AGU 2022 Fall meeting in Chicago. The deadline for abstract submission is Wednesday, August 3rd.

Session Title: DI006. Heterogeneity in the Earth’s Mantle: Perspectives from Imaging, Modeling, Geochemistry, and Experiments

Earth’s solid interior harbors the long-term memory of unending and profound transformations that shape our planet. These include Earth’s accretion and the subsequent formation and evolution of heterogeneous domains through differentiation, facilitated by the rise of plate tectonics. Recent progress in linking geochemistry, geodynamics, seismology, petrology and mineral physics helps characterize heterogeneity across a range of spatial scales. Heterogeneous regions are probed with geochemical and seismological observations such as isotopic ratios in xenoliths and erupted volcanic lavas, or imaged variations in velocity, attenuation, anisotropy and density. Signatures of geochemical heterogeneity sampled from the Earth’s surface imply variations in age or intrinsic properties like temperature or composition of the mantle. Seismological heterogeneity affords geographically uniform constraints on these intrinsic properties in addition to implications for dynamic flow, rheology, grain size or crystal structure. Petrology and mineral physics have improved constraints on chemistry and mineralogy of materials at extreme conditions, permitting geodynamic reconstructions of the origin and long-term preservation of heterogeneities. We invite submissions from all disciplines that employ novel numerical, inversion, experimental and geochemical techniques to explore the nature of mantle heterogeneities and their relation to observables at local, regional and global scales.

Pritwiraj Moulik, Princeton University
Mingming Li, Arizona State University
Matthew Jackson, University of California-Santa Barbara
Susannah Dorfman, Michigan State University
Wenyi Zhou, University of New Mexico

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