Thread: AGU session S026 "Theoretical and Computational Advances in Seismology"

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Dear colleagues,

The session “Theoretical and Computational Advances in Seismology” is back for the 2022 AGU Fall meeting, as the session S026.
Our invited speakers this year are Christina Morency (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) and Alex Hobé (Uppsala University, Sweden).
Thanks for considering joining us to learn more about the latest developments in computational and theoretical seismology.

Link to submit to this session:
Deadline: August 3rd

Session abstract:
Numerous recent advances in the Earth sciences are driven by developments in seismology, and specifically in numerical simulations, forward and inverse modeling theories, and growing computational resources. To promote further progress, this session offers a platform for theoretical and computational advances in seismology.
We welcome innovative contributions dealing with novel and creative approaches to more accurate and faster forward modeling, the efficient solution of (nonlinear) inverse problems, and methods that enable the exploitation of massive emerging data volumes. Of particular interest are contributions on the modeling and inversion of data from fiber-optic seismology, multi-scale or multi-parameter tomography, effective medium theory, uncertainty analysis in both data and model space, machine learning approaches to data mining and inversion, novel concepts in seismic interferometry, as well as the use of emerging hardware solutions, for example with the help of new programming languages.

On behalf of the conveners:
Andreas Fichtner - ETH Zurich
Carene S Larmat - Los Alamos National Laboratory
Monica Maceira - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dorian Soergel - Claude Bernard University Lyon 1
Victor Tsai - Brown University

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