Thread: AGU 2022 S018 – Observing Wave Field Gradients in Seismology

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Dear DAS RCN community,

Felix Bernauer (Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich), Yara Rossi (ETH Zurich), Eva P. S. Eibl (University of Postdam), and I (University of Colorado Boulder) would like to draw your attention to the 2022 AGU session: S019 Observing Wave Field Gradients in Seismology – Applications, Instrumentation and Theory.

Session Description:
Recent advances in seismic instrumentation have made direct observation of the complete seismic wave field possible, including the spatial gradients of the wave field, rotation and strain. Collocated observations of translation, strain and rotation open new applications in various disciplines such as seismic exploration, volcanology, glaciology, ocean bottom seismology, earthquake engineering and planetary exploration as well as geodesy and gravitational wave detection.

We invite contributions on any recent development in the fields of applications, instrumentation, and theory for observing seismic ground rotation, strain and translation. These may include - but are not restricted to -alternative technologies for seismometers (e.g., optical technologies), fiber-optic technologies, such as fiber-optic gyroscopes or distributed acoustic sensing, high-frequency GNSS, and array based methods. We strongly encourage contributions on data analysis techniques, instrument performance testing and experimental field studies.

Invited Speakers:
Yesim Cubic Sabuncu (Icelandic Met Office)
Shiaho Yuan (LMU Munich)

The link to the abstract submission portal can be found here:

AGU will take place December 12-16 in Chicago and online.
As a reminder, please note that the deadline for abstract submission is August 3rd, 23:59 EDT.

We look forward to new and exciting contributions in the broad exploration of DAS and related fields!

Best regards,


Manuel Matthew Mendoza, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow of Geophysics
University of Colorado Boulder

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