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Started: 2012-08-21 15:43:45
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Amr El-Sharkawy
2012-08-21 15:43:45
Dear My Professors 
can you help me in this problem
I changed  
Export SACAUX=${SACHOME}/ aux
Export SACAUX= /usr/local/geophysics/sac/aux
My screen become black
And i can not now enter my user even if i write my password
Just black screen
Soo plz how can i enter my linux???
And do my repairs!!
If this will require anew Linux system??
With All Respect and appreciation
Amr El-Sharkawy
Seismologist, National Research Institute of

Astronomy and Geophysics, (NRIAG), Egypt.
e-mail: amr_elsharkawy22<at>
19:08:55 v.22510d55