Thread: DAS RCN Webinar Recording Posted - Instrumentation Showcase - Part 4

Started: 2022-09-22 12:20:40
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The DAS RCN webinar "Instrumentation Showcase - Part 4" was held on
September 21, 2022 and a recording is now available at:

Thank you again to our presenters Oleg Valishin of Sercel and Vincent
Lanticq of FEBUS Optics, as well as our moderator Yingping Li. Please see
below for contact information and websites for following up on content in
the presentations as well as your instrumentation needs.

- Oleg Valishin, Sercel - Monitoring of near surface conditions of
railways using Distributed Acoustic Sensing
- Oleg.VALISHIN<at>

- Dr. Vincent Lanticq, FEBUS Optics - DAS, frontiers and
complementary with Brillouin-DSTS and Raman-DTS
- vincent.lanticq<at>

If you are interested in future DAS RCN events, please go to the website: and join the DAS mailing list
by going to:

The next DAS RCN Instrumentation Showcase will be held on October 19, 2022
at 10-11AM Eastern and you can register here: If you would
like to give an instrumentation presentation, please get in touch with
Yingping Li at y1p2li58<at>

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