Thread: Question Regarding IRIS Data Download

Started: 2022-10-19 20:38:08
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Siobhan Lillian McCarthy Light
2022-10-19 20:38:08

I am an undergraduate at the University of Maryland, and I was hoping to
download data from IRIS for a research project. In particular, I was hoping
to download data from the HHE, HHN, and HHZ components of this station:

However, I ran into confusion on how to download the data. For such a
request, what would be the best IRIS data request tool to use? How do I go
about doing this?

Thank you for your help!

All the best,
Siobhan Light

  • Robert Weekly
    2022-10-21 19:01:33
    Hi Siobhan,

    Which tool to use depends on what format you'd like the data in and what pieces of software you might already be familiar with.

    One of the primary ways for getting data is by using the fdsnws-dataselect web service:

    You can use the "URL Builder" to construct your request using the network, station, and channel codes along with a time period you are interested in. If you are comfortable using miniSEED, the default service behavior will return that format, but if you'd prefer your data in text/ASCII or SAC format instead, you can specify what is preferred using the "format" parameter in your request.

    IRIS also supports a handful of software clients that can be used if you are making your request as part of a broader workflow pattern within ObsPy, Matlab, Julia, or through the command line. Those different scripts and interfaces can be viewed at this site:

    Please feel free to follow up on this thread if you have further questions about how to make requests for data through IRIS web services or its supported software tools.

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