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DAS colleagues,
NHERI@UTexas ( are organizing a virtual workshop on Wednesday, 14 December 2022 from 1-3PM Central to discuss potential research opportunities for using our large, triaxial vibroseis truck (T-Rex) and our OptaSense ODH4 DAS interrogator for various geoscience and/or civil infrastructure projects in Hawaii during the Summer of 2023. The full workshop announcement with a registration link is attached to this email and also pasted below. We realize this is very short notice, and that our workshop overlaps with AGU, but we are operating on a short timeline for potential researchers to formulate ideas and discuss them with NSF program directors. All the best,
Brady Cox
Virtual Workshop Announcement:
In support of NSF-funded collaborative research (NSF awards #2218645 and #2218646) by a team from the University of Miami (PI: Lin Guoqing) and the USGS (PI: Roger Denlinger), the NHERI@UTexas shared-use equipment site will provide a large, triaxial, active seismic source, named T-Rex, to help image the three-dimensional structure and magma system beneath the summit of Kilauea volcano in Hilo, Hawaii. T-Rex will be used to provide shaking in each of three directions (x, y, and z) at numerous shot points. The planned timetable for this effort will be: (1) T-Rex arriving on the Big Island of Hawaii during the last week of April, 2023, and (2) T-Rex employed for the next four weeks in May, 2023 in this seismic imaging project.

Following the NSF shared-use policies of NHERI (Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure), anyone who may be interested in proposing additional projects in Hawaii (but not on the volcano) to conduct research of any kind with T-Rex (on any island in Hawaii) is encouraged to do the following:

1. Contact Dr. Sungmoon Hwang, the site manager for NHERI@UTexas (sungmoon<at><sungmoon<at>>), to discuss your research plan as it pertains to the use of T-Rex in Hawaii. This contact is necessary to aid you in preparing a reasonable budget and to ensure that the proposed work can be accomplished within the available time window (likely June through August, 2023).

2) Once details of the proposed work have been arranged with NHERI@UTexas, you are strongly encouraged to prepare a 1-page summary of the proposed idea and send it to Dr. Giovanna Biscontin (gibiscon<at><gibiscon<at>>) and/or Dr. Joy Pauschke (jpauschk<at><jpauschk<at>>) no later than early January 2023 to discuss potential funding opportunities through NSF.

Note that all of the shared-use equipment resources of NHERI@UTexas (e.g., DAS interrogator, 3-component nodal stations, push-in vibration and pore water pressure sensors, etc.) could be utilized for your research. To further explain the capabilities and features of the NHERI@UTexas shared-used equipment site, particularly in regards to the use of T-Rex in Hawaii, a two-hour virtual workshop will be hosted on December 14, 1 - 3 pm Central time. Please register for the workshop in the following link if you are interested in attending.

Registration Link:

You may also contact me directly if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Brady Cox
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