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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the following 2023 SSA Annual Meeting session (April 17-20, San Juan, Puerto Rico).

Exploiting Explosion Sources: Advancements in Seismic Source Physics

Underground, near-surface and/or above ground explosion sources can be used to illuminate the subsurface geologic structure and understand seismo-acoustic signal propagation. Recent work using template matching, waveform modeling for moment tensors, and combining seismo-acoustic data has shown great success in characterizing explosions and discriminating them from earthquakes and other sources. In regions of low natural background seismicity, mine blasting can dominate monitoring catalogs, and identifying and separating these sources from tectonic earthquakes is critical for hazard assessment. The seismo-acoustic signals from intentional and accidental explosions can be used in forensic analysis to study propagation anomalies. Recordings of surface explosions illuminate the geologic structures in aseismic regions and aid in better characterization of the velocity structure. The wavefields that delineate the subsurface structure are being acquired in unprecedented detail with the advent of dense arrays and multi-phenomenology instrumentation. We welcome abstracts in explosion source physics, wave propagation, seismic array design, distributed acoustic sensing (DAS), new sensor technologies, multi-physics data fusion and advanced processing and characterization techniques applied to explosion sources.

Abstract deadline: 11 January 2023
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We look forward to seeing you in April!

Catherine M. Snelson, Los Alamos National Laboratory, snelsonc<at><snelsonc<at>>
Christian Stanciu, Sandia National Laboratories, astanci<at><astanci<at>>
Cleat P. Zeiler, Nevada National Security Site, zeilercp<at><zeilercp<at>>
Colin Pennington, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, pennington6<at><pennington6<at>>
Elizabeth A. Silber, Sandia National Laboratories, esilbe<at><esilbe<at>>
Jenna L. Faith, Los Alamos National Laboratory, jfaith<at><jfaith<at>>
William R. Walter, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, walter5<at><walter5<at>>

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