Thread: SSA session announcement: Understanding the Variability in Earthquake Stress Drop Measurements

Started: 2022-12-19 18:21:20
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Dear Colleagues,
We would like to draw your attention to the following 2023 SSA Annual Meeting session (April 17-20, San Juan, Puerto Rico).
Understanding the Variability in Earthquake Stress Drop Measurements;!!G2kpM7uM-TzIFchu!ikDWtyl_Ov8tfId9Pe3fCuQ_m3pWrJHyvd5dPJaFhMrU2mswkrpXHf6UoRJrLWFs5Vc$>

Stress drop is a fundamental earthquake source parameter that in theory relates the average slip on a fault to rupture area, and in practice characterizes the high frequency seismic radiation. It is a key parameter in earthquake ground motion modeling, rupture simulation and source physics analysis. However, stress drops are notoriously variable and difficult to measure; estimates by different researchers using different methods or datasets yield inconsistent values which mask physical trends. We seek to bring together all interested researchers to compare and validate stress drop estimates, source characterization and high-frequency ground motion. We particularly encourage studies of the 2019 Ridgecrest Earthquake Sequence, any studies focused on the comparison of multiple methods, and studies aimed at quantifying the uncertainties in stress drop estimates. We hope to understand the physical controls and methodological reasons for similarity or differences in stress drops, so that they can be used reliably by the earthquake science community.
Abstract deadline: 11 January 2023
Abstract submission:;!!G2kpM7uM-TzIFchu!ikDWtyl_Ov8tfId9Pe3fCuQ_m3pWrJHyvd5dPJaFhMrU2mswkrpXHf6UoRJrgzoS5Vw$>
Full meeting information: https://meetings.seismosoc.org;!!G2kpM7uM-TzIFchu!ikDWtyl_Ov8tfId9Pe3fCuQ_m3pWrJHyvd5dPJaFhMrU2mswkrpXHf6UoRJrVVsCOSc$>

We look forward to seeing you in April!

Annemarie Baltay, USGS Earthquake Science Center, abaltay<at><abaltay<at>>
Colin N. Pennington, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, pennington6<at><pennington6<at>>
Ian Vandevert, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, ivandevert<at><ivandevert<at>>
Kevin Mayeda, Air Force Technical Applications Center, kevin.mayeda<at><kevin.mayeda<at>>
Meichen Liu, University of Michigan, meichenl<at><meichenl<at>>
Rachel Abercrombie, Boston University, rea<at><rea<at>>
Shanna Chu, USGS Earthquake Science Center, schu<at><schu<at>>
Taka'aki Taira, University of California, Berkeley, taira<at><taira<at>>
Trey Knudson, Stanford University, trey05<at><trey05<at>>
Kilian Kemna, Ruhr University Bochum, kilian.kemna<at><kilian.kemna<at>>

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