Thread: SSA2023 Technical Session: Tectonics and Seismicity of Stable Continental Interiors

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Dear Colleagues,
Please consider submitting your research to and attending the session Tectonics and Seismicity of Stable Continental Interiors at the 2023 SSA Annual Meeting, April 17–20 in San Juan, Puerto Rico ( See below for the session description and list of invited speakers. The abstract submissions deadline is January 11.

Tectonics and Seismicity of Stable Continental Interiors
Earthquakes in stable continental interiors far from active plate boundaries, such as in central and eastern North America, northern Europe, Australia and parts of Asia, are perhaps the least understood. Nevertheless, advances in intraplate seismicity are being achieved through a variety of approaches. Examples include local and national-scale seismic monitoring efforts that increase completeness of earthquake catalogs, detection algorithms that identify ever-smaller 29 earthquakes from existing data, imaging of subsurface faults using relocated seismicity and seismic tomography, studies that constrain historical slip on such faults, quantification of geodetic, geomorphologic and elevation changes and through improved measurements of local stresses. In parallel with these efforts, ongoing ground motion studies continue to improve our understanding of source, path, and site response characteristics unique to intraplate regions. This session seeks diverse contributions related to intraplate earthquake hazards with goals of describing seismicity, identifying and characterizing active faults and/or deformation in stable continental interiors, deciphering long-term earthquake histories, assessing potential ground motion impacts, constraining models of kinematics and geodynamic properties and understanding the mechanisms that cause enigmatic intraplate earthquakes. Contributions regarding recent earthquake sequences in stable continental interiors, such as those in South Carolina, are especially welcome.

Invited Speakers:
Chengping Chai (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Paula Figueiredo (North Carolina State University)

Conveners: Jessica Jobe, Anji Shah, and Oliver Boyd (USGS), Miguel Neves and Zhigang Peng (Georgia Tech), and Will Levandowski (Tetra Tech, Inc.)

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