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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the following session at the 2023 SSA Annual Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico - April 17-20:

It’s All About Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

The current capability to locate smaller seismic events has been boosted by unprecedented numbers of nodal networks and improved local monitoring throughout the world, yet the challenge still remains to accurately estimate an earthquake’s hypocenter. Many relocation algorithms and processing techniques have been implemented to determine absolute and relative locations. The methods of measuring events have not changed significantly but the modern tools and higher sample rates introduce a new opportunity to refine our error estimates. The quantification of error in a location and the tradeoffs between site corrections, velocity model, and other constraints applied to the location algorithm are rarely compared across multiple techniques or catalogs. The comparison of historical events and modern relocated events is made more difficult by the changing methods and data availability with time. The quantification of how modern studies deal with such divergence is one that has yet to be strongly examined. As we continue to look at the future of locating smaller seismic events we want to accurately estimate the hypocenter location while improving our understanding of the historical context of earthquake locations.

In this session we invite contributions that are pushing the science of locating earthquakes through new measurement techniques, the development of new location algorithms, the comparison of different methods, and comparisons or combinations of the locations of historical and modern catalogues. The goal is to look at the accuracy of modern techniques and understand the errors associated with locating targeted events or event clusters.

To submit an abstract by January 11:

Cleat Zeiler, NNSS
Michelle Scalise, NNSS
Ting Chen, LANL
Leiph Preston, SNL
Moira Pyle, LLNL

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