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Geohazard community,

We invite submissions to our *all-inclusive tsunami technical session* at
the 2023 SSA Annual Meeting in Puerto Rico. Submit your abstract by
January 11 here:

*The Future of Tsunami Science, Preparedness and Response *

Significant advances in observations, modeling, response, and communication
of tsunamis have taken place over the last two decades, often as part of
the assessment and improvement process following damaging events.
Optimizing risk reduction from future tsunami events requires a full
community effort across many disciplines. Much work remains to better
characterize global tsunami hazards, both in advance for mitigation and
preparedness and in real time with improved observation and forecasting
systems. At all stages, hazards need to be translated into potential risk
and impacts. Here, we highlight improvements in tsunami science and their
pairing with equally important improvements in tsunami preparedness, risk
communication, and decision support. Looking forward, the community aims to
utilize technical expertise from social scientists and work with an
emphasis on social equity to better serve historically marginalized

Contributions to this session can span the full spectrum of tsunami work
and include: improvements in modeling, assessments of past events,
estimation of vulnerabilities and exposure, new measurement techniques,
communication of hazards and risk, early warning and rapid or real-time
forecasts, and any other relevant tsunami science, engineering, operations,
preparedness, or outreach topics.

See you in Puerto Rico!

Diego Melgar, University of Oregon
Summer Ohlendorf, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Yajie Lee, ImageCAT
Elyssa Tappero, Washington Emergency Management Division

Summer Ohlendorf, Ph.D. (she/her/hers)
Science Officer
NOAA / NWS / U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center
910 S. Felton St., Palmer, AK 99645
*Google Voice: *323-372-1856 | *Desk*: 907-861-4202 | *NTWC Main*:

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