Thread: Invitation to sumbit abstract: The 2020-2021 Southwest Puerto Rico Seismic Sequence: Current State of Knowledge and Implications

Started: 2023-01-07 16:33:39
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Hello everyone! Apologies for yet another invitation to submit your abstract to SSA 2023. This time is to invite those colleagues that have worked in one way or another with the Southwest Puerto Rico January 7, 2020 Earthquake sequence. The session summary is below. Remember that abstract submission deadline is January 11 2023 at 5pm PST.

The island of Puerto Rico is situated in the northeastern corner of the Caribbean basin, where active geological features around the island reflect the current tectonic environment of an oblique collision between the Caribbean and North American plates. Although microseismic activity occurs daily, only occasional small events are felt by the general population. In Puerto Rico, for exactly 102 years prior to the year 2020, the people of Puerto Rico were unaware of what was to live in a seismically prone area. The January 7th, 2020 Mw6.4 earthquake and ensuing seismic aftershock activity in Southwestern Puerto Rico served as a wake-up call to the entire population, forcing them to realize how vulnerable the island is to seismic activity. Seismic monitoring and research carried out in the region for the past decades were instrumental to classify the seismic risk and provided limited knowledge of the tectonics of the region. However, it was all the co/post-seismic activity, geodetically-determined crustal monitoring, and marine geophysical surveys performed during the past couple of years that allowed us to learn more about the rupture process, the current kinematics, and related effects. With this session, we seek to unite all efforts and contributions related to the January 7th, 2020 earthquake and layout all the findings with the goal of providing the current state of knowledge and a venue to discuss a seismic sequence known for releasing a complex rupture process and an atypical aftershock behavior. We look forward to all contributions on seismic assessment of the rupture process, relocations, aftershock forecasts, post-seismic deformation, and secondary triggered phenomena such as landslides, liquefaction, and tsunami that are related to the Southwest Puerto Rico 2020-2021 seismic sequence.

Session Conveners:
Gisela Baéz-Sánchez
Victor Húerfano
Stephen K. Hughes
James Joyce
Daniel A. Laó- Dávila
Alberto López-Venegas
Margarita Solares-Colón
Elizabeth Vanacore
Christa von Hillebrandt
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