Thread: Invitation to sumbit abstract: Active Faults in the Caribbean and Central America

Started: 2023-01-11 15:26:36
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Dear colleagues,

Probably the last email you will receive regarding the upcoming SSA 2023 meeting. This time to invite all those colleagues that have worked on active faults of the Caribbean and Central America regions. Still some hours left for you to submit your abstract! Below is the session description.

Active Faults in the Caribbean and Central America
The Caribbean - Central America region is tectonically complex and diverse including convergent, divergent and transform plate boundaries. Numerous damaging historical earthquakes and tsunamis demonstrate the high level of earthquake hazard in the region, yet in many areas the specifics necessary for accurate hazard analysis and earthquake forecasting, such as fault slip rates, fault rupture history, earthquake chronologies and recurrence intervals, and even fault locations remain uncertain. We invite presentations of studies that elucidate any of these factors, including those employing terrestrial or subaqueous earthquake geology, geomorphology, paleoseismology, paleogeodesy or instrumental geodesy, paleotsunami studies, geophysics or seismology, or efforts to map active faults using any technique. Additionally, we accept presentations of work on the interface between earthquake science and society, including risk management, citizen science, and public policy. Submissions emphasizing the contribution of geoscience research to stakeholders in the evaluation of infrastructure resilience in the region are encouraged. Presentations that highlight cutting-edge methods are particularly welcome.

Daniel A. Laó-Dávila, Oklahoma State University
Belle Philibosian, U.S. Geological Survey
Kate Scharer, U.S. Geological Survey
Lorna G. Jaramillo-Nieves, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Alberto M. López Venegas, University of Puerto Rico
Carol Prentice, U.S. Geological Survey
Nathalie Feuillet, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
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