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Started: 2023-02-15 11:44:36
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The DAS RCN Community Forum "Global Distributed Acoustic Sensing Day" was
held on February 14, 2023 and a recording is now available at:

Thank you again to our lead Andreas Wuestefeld (NORSAR), presenters Kit
Chambers (Motion Signal Technologies), Daniel Bowden (ETH Zurich), Lena
Urmantseva (AP Sensing), Fabian Lindner (LMU München), Agatha Podrasky and
David Podrasky (Silixa), Andy Nowacki (U of Leeds), Alan Baird (NORSAR), as
well as our co-host Herb Wang (U of Wisconsin). Please see their email
addresses cc-ed here for following up on questions or comments on the
content in their presentations. With permission from presenters, we have
posted slides in .pdf format on the DAS RCN website (click on the "Events and
Announcements" tab).

For more information on Global DAS Month and Global DAS Day, please check
out the page:

If you are interested in future DAS RCN events, please go to the website: and join the DAS mailing list
by going to:

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