Thread: problem with transfer pole zero option from script

Started: 2012-12-31 20:14:19
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Celine Davy
2012-12-31 20:14:19
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  • Celine,

    I looked at your files and see that you are using SAC v101.2 for a pz file
    that has several comment lines.

    For some older versions of SAC, the program did not recognize the * as
    starting a comment line, which would give the error message you see.
    This error has been fixed in the current version: v101.5c

    I suggest you either get rid of all comment lines in your pz file(s) or
    (better) update to the current version.

    Let me know if this helps.


    On Mon, 31 Dec 2012, celine davy wrote:

    I've got problems when I want to use transfer option pole zero for
    deconvolution of instrument response with SAC calling from script. Manually
    in sac it's working but from the script in bash I've got the message error :
    ERROR 2110: Illegal option in POLEZERO file:
    Attached are my script "essaisac" and the output "test1"
    Can you help me to resolve this problem please?

    Céline Davy

07:28:49 v.ad6b513c