Thread: Postdoc and engineering positions on marine studies with DAS at Géoazur lab, France

Started: 2023-04-21 11:55:10
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The DAS research group at the Géoazur research lab
(France) is seeking to appoint two
Postdoctoral Researchers and one Engineer to advance marine applications of
Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS). DAS exploits the great sensitivity of
optical fibres to thermo-seismo-acoustic perturbations to turn standard
telecom cables into high-density seafloor sensor arrays.

This ground-breaking instrumental approach has already demonstrated its
potential on marine cables for the monitoring of a variety of offshore
processes: earthquakes, boats, whales, T-waves, deep sea currents,
temperature changes, etc. The candidates will further push the limits of
marine DAS acquisitions, in terms of signal fidelity, sensitivity and
frequency content. This work aims at better constraining the potential and
limits of existing marine DAS applications and clarifying the potential for
new ones. The initial focus will include tsunami early warning, monitoring
deep sea currents, and hydroacoustics. The projects will rely on unique
datasets, already acquired or soon-to-be acquired by our team. Some budget
is also available to develop and conduct new field experiments.

The successful candidates are expected to have experience in signal
processing and
programming, good written and oral communication skills in English, and
(for postdoc
candidates) a result-oriented proactive attitude for publishing scientific
results in high-quality peer-reviewed journals. Experience with DAS data
analysis will be considered a strong plus.
The successful candidates will join a large and dynamic team focused on
marine DAS
applications, including junior and senior researchers, several
international postdocs and PhD students.

*Positions details and application procedure*

- Applications will be examined until the positions are filled,
- The salary will be based on the French CNRS criteria, with a net
income of 2000-3000 €/month for postdocs and 1800-2800 €/month for
engineers depending on experience,
- The initial contract duration will be 18 months for postdocs and 24
months for engineers, or shorter depending on experience and starting
date of the position, with the possibility of extension depending on
- Applications must be sent by e-mail to Anthony Sladen and Jean-Paul
- Postdoctoral applications should contain (1) a motivation letter
including possible position start dates, (2) a CV including the list of
scientific publications and conference communications and at least 2
references (their name, address, e-mail and professional relation) and (3)
a brief description of your research activities.
- Engineer applications should contain (1) a motivation letter including
possible position start dates, and (2) a CV including at least 2 references
(their name, address, e-mail and professional relation).

Geoazur is a large academic research laboratory
(about 180 people) focused on Earth and planetary science. It is located in
Sophia-Antipolis, a leading European
technology park (2,500 companies and 4,500 researchers) between the
Mediterranean Sea and the Maritime Alps mountains. Geoazur is part of
Université Côte d'Azur (UCA
and Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur (OCA and is
also affiliated to CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and
IRD (French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development).

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