Thread: fine-tuning SAC: hypo picks and neural networks

Started: 2013-04-20 21:28:23
Last activity: 2013-04-20 21:28:23
Topics: SAC Help
Arthur Snoke
2013-04-20 21:28:23
We are getting close to the release of v101.6. For previews of coming
attraction, one can see the current versions of the updates for the HISTORY
and CHANGES files at the IRIS SeisCode SAC project site: (no
password is required).

In revising some of the documentation, there are two topics that we would
like comments about:

1. Writing files in Neural Network format (analysis). We are unfamiliar
with it and have no idea if the files cited work or are used.

2. Writing Pick files for programs such as hypo71. I used hypo71 35
years ago but not much since then. We see Help commands for ohpf and
whpf, but have not tested them. Being able to use PPK in SAC seems like a
good idea for picking arrival times and polarities and writing them into
a file that could be used by a location program. We would be
interested in hearing from users who either use whp, etc., or who have
have scripts, etc., for doing this.

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