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Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips. Using the IRIS Google Map Service, you can create custom maps based on IRIS DMC metadata.


IRIS Google Map Service generates a KML file that is used by Google Earth to display station locations and related information based on IRIS DMC metadata holdings.

Getting Started

You can generate Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files using the IRIS Google Map Service with these basic steps:

  • Download and install Google Earth
  • Go the the IRIS Google Map Service:
    • Read the instructions
    • Enter a network Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) in your web browser (see Parameters below)
    • Click the Google Earth icon in the upper right corner of the webpage to download the KML file:

Google Earth Feed Logo

  • Open the KML file in Google Earth. Or save the KML file to disk, then click on the KML file to view stations in Google Earth.
  • The KML file is a Network Link that will get the most current information from IRIS.

Advanced users: Try the IRIS DMC Station KML Service


Network and station parameters can be specified directly in the URI path:<network>/<station> 

Basic example to list the IRIS/IDA network:

Example for _GSN virtual network list:

To see a current list of virtual networks, go here.

For details see: IRIS DMC Google Map Service Usage

Example – Transportable Array (TA) Network Stations

To request a map of the current TA network stations try and you get this:

Google Map Screenshot

Click the Google Earth icon

Google Earth Feed Logo

in the upper right corner of the webpage, then open the KML file in Google Earth. You should see a map like this:

Google Earth TA

Zoom into the state of Washington to view the location of stations.

Google Earth TA - Washington State

Click on a station icon to get more information:

Google Earth TA - Station B06A

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