Software Downloads – IRIS-WS v. 2.0.19


The IRIS-WS Library is a Java API that allows direct access to data and information at the DMC from within your programs. This library constructs the service calls based on criteria you define, and accesses the web services behind the scenes. Information is retrieved as Java objects that are available for immediate manipulation, bypassing the traditional “save to disk, reload into my program, and then parse the data format” series of steps.

This Library allows a Java developer to access DMC-stored data without dealing directly with the web service interfaces or, more importantly, the internal formats of the DMC. Even though the web services typically return XML or SEED data, users of this library do not need XML or SEED knowledge to process the returned information.


The Library provides access to and Classes for fundamental data types:

  • Station metadata (via the fdsn-station service)
  • Waveform/time series data (via the fdsn-dataselect service )
  • Event information (via the fdsn-event service)
  • Trace data, which contains time-series data along with associated station metadata.
  • Response metadata (via the irisws-sacpz and irisws-resp services)

The request criteria for these data types are closely related to the respective web service used. The Java Classes returned for these data types are related to, but not a full representation of, the data returned by the respective service.

Time series handling

The library includes the necessary decoders and decompression routines to handle the miniSEED format served by the DMC web services. The library also includes a simple framework to build contiguous series from the segmented data contained in miniSEED records and provide the caller with the best possible time series as Java objects. It remains possible to access a Java stream of miniSEED records.

Tutorial, examples and documentation

Visit the Manual section for simple tutorials on using the library.

For developers, an IRIS-WS javadoc, StationXML model javadoc and QuakeML model javadoc are available.

Finally, the .zip version of the download includes source code for the library and source code for example programs that use the library.


The current release is available in the following forms:

For a list of changes between releases, please visit revisions

Platform and dependencies

The IRIS-WS Library requires Java 1.8 or later and has the following dependencies:

Integration with Maven

If you’re using Maven, it’s easy to integrate IRIS-WS with your project. You can do that by following these steps:

  • Download the zip file above and unzip the file.
  • Then, install it using the command:
mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=edu.iris -DartifactId=IRIS-WS -Dversion=VERSION -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=/path/to/file


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