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A Java port of our classic rdseed application developed by ISTI.


A Java version of rdseed currently under development. This evaluation supports core rdseed functionality, including the reading and writing of SEED volumes, as well as SAC (binary) and CSS output. SAC ASCII format is forthcoming. SEGY output is not being considered in the short term.

Treat the operation of Jrdseed much like you would the legacy rdseed code. As for the command interface, some features are not being used in the current release:

  • In place of ALT_RESPONSE_FILE, use the -g flag on the command line to indicate a dataless SEED file to use for response information.
  • The volume number (-v) option: SEED files with multiple volume numbers are no longer used.
  • The start/stop times (-t) output will not have the logical record sequence number printed.
  • The list contents of each record in the volume (-l) option is not supported.
  • SAC ASCII output is not in SAC format, but is a currently a rudimentary delimited ASCII output.
  • SAC poles and zeroes output is not supported.
  • SEGY output is not supported.


SEED Readers , SEED Tools

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