Software Downloads – PDCC v. 3.8.1 – Revision history

Release version 3.8.1 (2015-09-24)

Fixes a sorting issue with Blockette 59 (Channel comments).

Release version 3.8-pl2 (2014-10-30)

Changed the hostname lookup for NRL Tool from to

Release version 3.8-pl1 (2013-11-06)

Fixes a launch issue present in newer versions of Java 6 and Java 7. An exception is thrown to the effect of:

PdccTabularCloneStationDialog.fx:584: No matching java method found for edu.iris.pdcc.model.PdccBlocketteLabelMap.getLabel(java.lang.Object).

Otherwise behaves the same as PDCC 3.8.

Release version 3.8 (2012-02-03)

The current stable version of PDCC, which includes a number of helpful tools like the NRL Tool, the New Station Wizard, and the Columnar Station Clone Tool. Designed for generating dataless SEED only.

Release version 3.0 (2006-06-28)

An old version of PDCC kept around that demonstrates support for MySQL database backing and full waveform data processing. Development halted after the 3.0 release, so functionality may not be stable after this many years. This version is no longer supported, so use AS IS.

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