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This is a SeedLink plugin to grab data from an Antelope ORB. The plugin packages any selected data streams coming into the Antelope ring buffer as 512-byte big-endian miniSEED records and sends them to the controlling SeedLink daemon. No “re-ordering” of data is performed, it is assumed that data comes into the ORB sequentially. This may cause unexpected behavior with data streams allowing out-of-order transmission/reception such as CD-1, likely resulting in many unfilled miniSEED records.


All data streams are converted to miniSEED records except for any data that is already in a 512-byte miniSEED record. These records are passed directly to the SeedLink server, preserving the original data record (and included blockettes) that came into the ORB. The re-packaging of these ORB packets can be forced using the -p option.

The Seismological Communications Processor is developed by the GEOFON Project. The SeedLink server and protocol are used as the network transport layer of this system. For more information regarding SeisComP or SeedLink visit the GEOFON site


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