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slarchive, a SeedLink client for archiving data streams.


slarchive connects to a SeedLink server, requests data streams and writes received packets into directory/file structures. The precise layout of the directories and files is defined in a format string. Some preset file layouts are included: the SeisComP Data Structure (SDS), Buffer of Uniform Data structure (BUD) and a few others. To write more than one archive simply specify multiple format definitions (or presets).


In most environments a simple make will compile slarchive.

Using GCC, running make static will compile a static version of slarchive if possible.

GCC can be explicitly used by running make gcc.


In order to compile under Solaris the src/Makefile needs to be edited. See the file for instructions.

For further installation simply copy the resulting binary and man page (in the doc directory) to appropriate system directories.


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