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Streckeisen STS-1

Nominal Response Library
Element sensor
Manufacturer Streckeisen
Model STS-1

The nominal poles and zeros here describe the long-period behavior of the STS-1. There is an additional LP filter having a single pole near 77 Hz that has been omitted. If you wish to include this pole, you can either use a nominal pole value of -483.3 radians or calculate a more precise value using the RC measurements from your instrument's calibration sheet. In addition, the calibration sheet should be used to obtain a more accurate sensitivity than the 2400 V/m/s value. In addition, the shorter-period poles and zeros describe the original feedback electronics for the STS-1. Responses based on the Metrozet E300 feedback electronics are not listed here.

Low-Frequency Corner

The STS-1 can be operated in 360 second or 20 second modes. Both responses are included here.



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Long-Period Corner
Sensor Type
20 s 2400 V/m/s groundVel
360 s 2400 V/m/s groundVel
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