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How many simultaneous ws/bulkdataselect requests can I send at one time?

How many simultaneous web service bulkdataselect requests can I send at one time?


Note: The bulkdataselect service has been discontinued. Please use the dataselect service.

Our bulkdataselect web service, which provides bulk request access to miniseed data from the IRIS DMC archives, is continually challenged to provide the fastest service to the widest number of users. In order to control the level of activity on our servers during times of high peak demand, we request that users submit no more than 4 simultaneous requests per IP address. The server may or may not enforce this, but we ask that the user community observe this limit so that everyone can benefit from continual service uptime.

This guideline is subject to change based on changes in technology, architecture, and observed client effects on the DMC web services. Please observe any newly posted guidelines that the DMC administrators may display.

More information on bulkdataselect and other web services can be found at

Updated: 05/18/2017
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