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What are the standard USArray TA station channels?


The target channel list for USArray TA stations delivering data to the IRIS Data Management Center are listed below. Not all of these channels are available from every USArray site.

Channel code Description
BH? Seismic waveform data (usually 40 and sometimes 20 Hz)
LH? Seismic waveform data (usually 1 Hz)
??? Appropriate waveform data from colocated sensor
BD? Pressure channels (40 Hz)
LD? Pressure channels (1 Hz)
LCE Clock phase error
LCQ Clock quality
LOG Generic log packets
[LVU]K? Temperature (datalogger or otherwise)
[LVU]D? Pressure
[LVU]M? Boom/Mass position
[VU]EP System voltage
LCE_EP QEP clock error
LCO_EP QEP Voltage Control Oscillator
LDM_EP QEP barometer
LEP_EP QEP input voltage
LIM_EP QEP humidity
LKM_EP QEP temperature

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