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Is there a limit on the number of lines I can have in a BREQ_FAST request? Limit on the size of data?


There are a number of variables that will contribute to answering your question. Here are a general set of guidelines which should help you to generate BREQ_FAST-style requests that will suit your needs:

  • The end result fullSEED volume is limited to 30 GB in size but a miniSEED request technically has no limit since it will generate station files that are each under 30 GB. However, be sure you have enough disk space on your end to download a large miniSEED request which can exceed 400 GB in size.
  • A miniSEED request will result in the waveform data along with the dataless which can be used with rdseed to form a fullSEED file.
  • There are no limits on the number of lines found in a BREQ_FAST formatted request. However, the more lines in a request the longer it will take to process.
  • In general, the less that is asked for in each BREQ_FAST formatted request, the quicker the process.
  • When sending in multiple BREQ_FAST-formatted requests, you will receive at least 2-3 email confirmations and alerts for each request submitted. Be sure to mark any emails received from as legitimate. Otherwise, these emails which are viewed as SPAM on your end will be returned back to us.
  • Additional information on BREQ_FAST can be found by reading the manual



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