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Stations recording data during a specific event

I need to know which stations were recording data during a specific event. How do I do that?


You have several options:

FDSN Station Web Service

Use the FDSN station web service, ensuring you set the matchtimeseries parameter to TRUE. The service returns metadata for stations based on time and other criteria; the matchtimeseries parameter limits the results to metadata for which time series data is available. Additionally, if the includeavailability parameter is TRUE the StationXML response will include information about channel availability.


You can select an earthquake in Wilber3 and view the networks and stations in the web browser pages. You can also preview seismic plots and create record section plots of specific stations.


Select the “timeseries” tab in SeismiQuery. You need only set a time period and wildcard the network (using the % sign as the wildcard character) and the rest of the parameters will be “wildcarded” for you. As a result, you can view a graph or table of all stations/channels for which data was archived during the specified time period. (It uses the GOAT tool to display information.) If you just want to see timeseries information for a specific station or network, use the “station” or “network” tab, respectively. The result from either of those two queries is a yearly calendar with days of data availability highlighted and linked to a more complete timeseries table.


Select an event in the JWEED tool and query for station data around that event. You can view seismograms for the recording stations in the tool.

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