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What is miniSEED?


This is a stripped down version of SEED data which only contains waveform data.
There are no detailed metadata on the station instrumentation present, which can be supplied by a supplementary dataless SEED file. More information

Getting a MiniSEED file:

  1. Submit a BREQ_FAST style request to from your mail client. BREQ_FAST Request manual
  2. Go to the BUD Tools web page and extract data from the real-time data buffers.
  3. Use JWEED to download selected miniSEED data.
  4. Use rdseed on an existing SEED file to extract miniseed.
  5. Use the FDSN dataselect web service. The IRIS timeseries web service allows DSP conversions to be performed on the data before delivery. More information on web services.

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