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How do I request restricted data?

I want to access restricted data, but can’t. What can I do?


First, you must contact one of the experiment’s Principal Investigators (PIs) and get a password for an email address that you supply.

You can find the names of participating PIs by viewing the meta data for assembled data or temporary networks using MDA or SeismiQuery.

After the PI has given you the password for the data, fill out the restricted data registration request form.

At this point, you can use a number of request tools provided by the DMC to make your data request. IRIS Web Services, BREQ_FAST, JWEED, and SOD currently support restricted data access.

You must supply both your registered email address and the password when making requests for restricted data.

The email and password supplied applies to a single experiment only. For DHI clients, setting your authentication information with the email and password permits access to the data, which is otherwise blocked.

For an email request, like BREQ_FAST, you receive a data product that is encrypted in the FTP area. You will need to use the password to “decrypt” the SEED data using OpenSSL, where specific instructions are provided in the email you receive from IRIS.

To decrypt the data, you need to have OpenSSL installed on your system, and use this syntax:

/usr/bin/openssl enc -d -des-cbc -salt -in seed.openssl -out seed  -pass pass: {passwd key}

where passwd key is the password supplied by the PI.

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