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Request data by station location

How can I find out what stations IRIS has data for that fall within a latitude/longitude bounding box?


A user can find seismic data by station using a latitude/longitude bounding box in a number of different tools:

IRIS Web Services

Use the station service to search for available data within a specified latitude and longitude. You can also search by distance from a lat/lon point. Make sure you specify the includeavailability parameter to TRUE, and the matchtimeseries parameter to TRUE.


Click to load example query that returns StationXML

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In the Map screen, the user can set a latitude/longitude bounding box, then use the Select Networks screen to select and map stations from the defined area. Read the JWEED Manual »

MetaData Aggregator

The MetaData Aggregator (MDA) returns metadata summaries from the IRIS DMC database including data availability and links to further services. Five levels of summary are available: network list, network, station, location and channel

Input parameters are specified in the URI as extensions of the form:[network]/[station]/[location]/[channel]

Use -- for [location] to specify a blank (space-space) location code.


Network = UW
Station = ASH (Crater, Mt. St. Helens)
data is available in the archive from 1981/05/13 to 1981/09/15

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