Standing Order for Data (SOD) Workshop

Stevenson, Washington, United States of America

2005-06-07 — 2005-06-07

Background Information

SOD is a powerful and flexible IRIS Data Request Mechanism. It includes the ability for users to define types of events and suites of stations that they are always interested in and have a standing request at the DMC for that data. When an event of interest occurs, data for stations of interest will be delivered directly to the user’s own computer. If desired, SOD can spawn processing sequences in response to the delivery of data.

The advanced capability of SOD is easy to use and customize once a user is oriented SOD’s logical flow. The purpose of this workshop is to get users up to speed on how to make SOD work for them.

You can find more information about SOD, as well as download it at

For more information, contact the convenors:

  • Tom Owens (Univ. South Carolina)
  • Philip Crotwell (Univ. South Carolina)

Location Details

Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, Washington

Technical Requirements

Participants at the workshop should bring their own laptops, and should have java 1.4.2 or better installed. A copy of the latest version of SOD will be provided.


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Important Dates and Venue

2005-06-07 — 2005-06-07

Workshop will be held in Stevenson, Washington, United States of America.

Workshop Contacts

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