List of network reports at Managing Waveform Data and Related Metadata for Seismic Networks, Cairo, Egypt

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Time Author Network Report Title Country
Time Author Network Report Title Country
Wednesday, November 11, 2009
00:15 Moad Chikh CGS Seismic Networks Algeria
00:30 Abdelaziz Kherroubi The New Algerian Digital Seismic Network Algeria
00:45 Tarzan Kwadiba Botswana Seismic Network (BSN) Botswana
17:00 Lukaya N'Yombo GVO Network, DRCongo Congo, Democratic Republic of the
17:15 Mohamed El Gabry Recorded Aseismic Signals Egypt
17:30 Blessing Shumba ESARSWG Seismological Networks Zimbabwe
17:45 Christos Evangelidis NOA (HL) Broadband Seismic Network and the Hellenic Unified Seismic Network (HUSN) Greece
Thursday, November 12, 2009
01:15 Santosh Sundriyal Institute of Seismological Research, Gujarat, India India
01:30 Ali Ali Introduction to Iraqi Seismological Network (ISN) Iraq
Friday, November 13, 2009
01:30 Ahmad Al-gazo Country Report on Jordan Seismological Observatory (JSO) Network Jordan
01:45 Abdunnur Ben Suleman Establishment of the Libyan National Seismological Network (LNSN) Libya
02:00 Hoby Njara Tendrisoa Razafindrakoto Malagasy Seismic Network Madagascar
Saturday, November 14, 2009
02:00 Taoufik Mourabit Seismology and Seismic Monitoring in Morocco Morocco
02:15 Severino Marcos An Overview of Seismological Network in Mozambique Mozambique
20:45 Adekunle Abraham Adepelumi Broadband Earthquake Monitoring at OAUIFE Station, Nigeria Nigeria
21:00 Olufemi Ologun The Nigerian National Network of Seismological Stations Nigeria
21:15 Salam Al-Hashmi Oman Seismological Network and Earthquake Monitoring Oman
21:30 Ameer Hyder Pakistan Meterological Department Pakistan
22:15 Serif Baris The Armutlu Network: An Investigation on Seismotectonic Setting of Armutlu-Yalova Region Turkey
22:30 Joseph Nyago An overview of Uganda Seismological Network and current activites Uganda
22:45 Naji Hussein Yemen Republic: Observation Center of seismic and volcanic study Yemen
Sunday, November 15, 2009
20:45 Annie Mulowezi The Zambian Seismic Network Zambia
21:00 Blessing Shumba Station Report in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
10:11:10 v.eb79165e