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Started: 2011-05-09 17:49:33
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Bruce Weertman
2011-05-09 17:49:33
Hello Webservice users,

The DMC has updated it's ws-timeseries service with new output
options, no other functionality
was changed and the service is fully backwards compatible.

Three new output options:


ASCII data in one column format.
In this format the time of each data sample must be inferred from
the first line which includes
start time and sample rate


ASCII data in two column format.
In this format the time of each data sample is given with the value
of each sample.

Note: this format was present in the previous revision but was
known as simply "ascii".
The output=ascii option has been retained. output=ascii is the same
as output=ascii2


With this option ws-timeseries can produce WAV audio files for the
sonification of earthquake data.
There are two related options available with this output option:
audiosamplerate, audiocompress

The audiosamplerate option will cause the audio output to be played
at the given rate (Hz).

The audiocompress option will apply a dynamic gain adjustment that
tends to equalize the
volume level of loud periods of time relative to quite periods of

For more information about ws-timeseries, please visit:


IRIS Web Services Team.

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