Thread: Updated beta releases of the Web Service Library and MATLAB irisFetch.m are now available.

Started: 2012-03-01 19:53:53
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Hello webservice users,

Thanks to your valued feedback, the DMC is happy to announce new BETA releases of both the IRIS-WS library and the associated MATLAB file. These releases include a variety of bug fixes, some of which are listed below, and are available from

ALL users may download the latest jar from this page:

MATLAB users may download the latest irisFetch.m directly from the MATLAB page:

Thank you again, and keep your feedback coming,
IRIS Web Services Team

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Changes for IRIS-WS-1.0.1BETA (
* Events: Fixed a problem where dates requested were being misinterpreted.
* Events: Fixed the parsing of Arrival information.
* Events: Enabled a new parameter that limits the number or retrieved events.
* Trace (only affects MATLAB users): Requests that include missing channels of data will no longer error out with a "Document not found" message. Instead, the channels that could not be retrieved are ignored.

MATLAB-related changes irisFetch.m (release 1.1.2)
* Time parsing has been improved, allowing accuracy down to the millisecond level.
* Certain Java types (Long, Integer) were not being properly translated between Java and MATLAB.
* Fixed problem where certain channel epochs were missing from "flattened" stations.
* Changes to the library as listed above

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