Thread: Update to BETA release of ws-station.

Started: 2012-03-15 23:27:42
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Yazan Suleiman
2012-03-15 23:27:42

Hello webservice users,

The DMC has updated our BETA version of ws-station service and would appreciate any level of feedback. The changes in this release are backwards compatible with the previous beta release.

We are on track to replace the current service with this beta on Tuesday, April 10th. After which any clients depending on the (few) changes in the schema will not work correctly. In particular, the beta Java IRIS-WS Library (and the related MATLAB support) will stop working properly. We plan on releasing new versions of the IRIS-WS Library at the same time to match this update in the ws-station service.

Web services team

Details of the changes include:

1) Existing schema element "ResponseName" is filled in, example:

We have also fixed few bugs:

2) FIR filters with no coefficients are now included in the XML (along with their associated units, etc.)

3) "Estimated delay" and "Correction Applied" fields in the response stage information are now properly populated

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