Thread: Version 2 of the IRIS Java Web Service access library now available

Started: 2013-05-10 22:02:27
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Web service developers,

Version 2 of the IRIS Java Web Services access library is now available.

This version is not backwards compatible with the 1.x release, primarily due to schema changes. While similar in usage to the 1.x releases, it is expected that developers will need to change code when adopting this new release level.

Downloads and more available here:

Features of this major new release:

* This version uses the DMC's implementations of FDSN web services (, which are replacing the legacy services used by the previous release.

* Improvements to the internal data management allow for much faster access to time series data, in particular for larger data requests.

Changes that may require code modifications:

* Station metadata returned by the library is based on the FDSN StationXML 1.0 schema ( The class structure for station metadata is different than the 1.x release.

* Event information returned by the library is now compliant with QuakeML 1.2. The class structure is virtually the same as the previous release, but event depth estimates are now returned in meters (instead of kilometers) to conform to the specification.

* For the EventCriteria class the following changes have been made:
- the preferredOnly method has been removed, developers should use includeAllOrigins instead (with reverse logic)
- the catalogContains method has been replaced by setCatalog
- the contributorContains method has been replaced by setContributor

DMC web services team

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