Thread: IRIS library jar contents

Started: 2013-05-13 18:15:35
Last activity: 2013-05-13 18:15:35
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Philip Crotwell
2013-05-13 18:15:35

Just a packaging question, the current jar file in both the direct download
and in the src zip include the classes from dependencies (like log4j,
javax.mail, etc). That is nice for someone that just wants to grab the jar
and build a simple application on top of it, but can be problematic for a
larger package that may already use dependencies like log4j. This will
cause potential duplication and may be a bigger deal if the versions of the
dependency libraries don't match. Obviously version mismatch is a problem
in the case of separate jars for dependencies, but at least they are a bit
more obvious.

You might want to consider a third distribution that is a jar of just the
IRIS generated code, and then a maven pom that lists the dependencies
instead of bundling them directly in your jar. This style is very common
and I think worth supporting.


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