Thread: Release of irisFetch.m version 2.0.0

Started: 2013-05-25 01:20:30
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Celso Reyes
2013-05-25 01:20:30
Hello web services users,

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.0.0 of the MATLAB irisFetch.m utility. This version is compatible with recently released FDSN versions of our core web services1. Older versions of these services will be turned off at the end of this year, at which time irisFetch v1.x will cease to function.

Retrieve irisFetch.m from the software download page:

Notable Changes (See revision history for a complete list2 ):
IrisFetch 2.0.0 requires IRIS-WS java library 2.0.x (Released May 9th)
Greatly improved performance when retrieving large traces
New functions allow stations to be retrieved as arrays of Networks, Channels, or Stations without having to use flattenToChannel or flattenToStation.
Returned structs may differ due to changes in the underlying formats. Where possible, backwards compatibility was preserved.

DMC web services team

1 FDSN web services replace ws-bulkdataselect, ws-dataselect, ws-event and ws-station

About irisFetch:

irisFetch allows seamless MATLAB access to data stored within the IRIS-DMC via FDSN services

FDSN waveform retrieval Methods:
Traces – retrieve sac-equivalent waveforms with channel metadata

FDSN station webservice Methods:
Channels – retrieve metadata as an array of channels
Stations – retrieve metadata as an array of stations
Networks – retrieve metadata as an array of networks

FDSN event webservice Methods:
Events – retrieve events parameters (such as origins and magnitudes) from a catalog

miscellaneous Methods:
Resp – retrieve RESP formatted response data from the irisws-resp service
runExamples – displays and runs some sample queries to the web service.

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