Thread: New FetchEvent script (fix for depth parsing error) and method for notification of updates

Started: 2014-12-06 18:33:04
Last activity: 2014-12-06 18:33:04
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Hello Fetch script users,

A new version of FetchEvent (2014.340) is now available:

A direct link to the new version:

The script has been updated to fix a parsing error in depth values. The error is believed to occur infrequently and usually only for very large requests (10's of thousands of events). In our test request for 55,568 events only 12 (0.02%) depth values were erroneous with some being obvious (two decimals) and others not very obvious. Regardless, no errors are acceptable, and users of this script are strongly encouraged to update.

For all users of the Fetch scripts (FetchData, FetchMetadata & FetchEvent) there is a convenient way to receive update notifications. By creating an account on SeisCode:, you may "watch" the News feed for any project. You would do this by pressing the "watch" toggle in the upper right corner of a project's News page, for example here is the News page for the Fetch script project:

By watching project News you will receive an email whenever a News item is posted for the project.

Chad Trabant

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