Thread: problems running sac under linux

Started: 2006-09-15 18:30:17
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Steve Sherburn
2006-09-15 18:30:17

I am trying to run sac ver 100.0 from IRIS under linux fedora core 3.

I installed the program in /usr/local/bin/sac (as root). I then had to
change permissions on csspickpref, clstd, clspe, and clsss in
/usr/local/bin/sac/aux as I could not read when I was logged in as myself.
Once I had done this I got a 'segmentation fault'.

I have the SACAUX environment variable set and when I tried the same
procedure on a system running redhat 9 I got exactly the same result.

Has anyone experienced this before and can explain what I need to do?

Many thanks,


Steven Sherburn
GNS Science
New Zealand

15:09:50 v.eb79165e