Thread: Syngine - the new IRIS DMC Synthetics Engine

Started: 2015-12-10 22:11:48
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Alex Hutko
2015-12-10 22:11:48
We are excited to announce the release of the new Synthetics Engine - Syngine, a service to provide custom tailored synthetic seismograms. The service uses Instaseis to generate 3D axisymmetric synthetic seismograms from TB scale Green’s functions databases pre-comuted with AxiSEM. Our current highest resolution models are accurate between 2-100 s periods. Syngine has built in support for using real network-station locations, GCMT moment tensors, and trimming traces around seismic phases.

Next week we will be demo'ing Sygine at the IRIS booth at AGU, scheduled demos are at 2pm on Tuesday and Thursday. If you cannot make those times please stop by the booth and talk to one of the DMC representatives. We look forward to your feedback.

Syngine currently has 5 1D reference models, we are working on adding more, including some with 1 Hz resolution as well as variations with oceanic/continental crusts. - Details on syngine synthetics, available models, database downloads, and tutorials - Building a request & sample queries - Additional help formatting requests

* Example http query for vertical, radial, and tangential synthetics for a receiver at the IU.ANMO station using the 2002 Denali earthquake (GCMT solution) as a source:

* Example using wget & POST:

$ wget --post-file=synthetics.request -O

43.07 -89.38
47.6616 -122.3127 STACODE=DMC

*Command line example using (similar to FetchData) --N II --evid GCMT:M201103110546A --model prem_a_20s --dt 0.1 --label TOHOKU --C ZRT --units velocity --start P-10 --end 300

We thank the AxiSEM and Instaseis developers for their generous contribution of time & computational resources: Tarje Nissen-Meyer, Lion Krischer, Simon Stähler, Martin Van Driel and Kasra Hosseini.

Alex Hutko & Chad Trabant

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