Thread: skipping null y-values in a time plot of ascii data

Started: 2006-11-10 21:12:46
Last activity: 2006-11-10 21:12:46
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I am plotting XY data in a text (ascii) file usinig readtable (readtable content Y).

The x-value is time (julian day). I want to plot nothing if there is no value (ie, a blank line) for a particular day, but it seems readtable will just skip this and scoot all the values down, so that a gap of 20 days does not show up in the plot.

I've tried setting a dummy value of -99 (e.g.) instead of having a blank value. Is there any way to get SAC to skip a specified dummy value and plot nothing for it? I want to see the gap in time, even if there is no value during that time period.



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